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The Road Tripper

The Road Tripper

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Let's face it. You're here because you have a nicotine habit. There's no shame in it, of course. It's perfectly acceptable vice that helps us keep on trucking throughout the day. But does it have to be so... pedestrian? 

Need more room? The Road Tripper PouchBox trades a little heft for double the storage. Perfect for anyone who usually has a can or two in a briefcase, backpack, attaché', satchel, or any other kind of bag you carry. The center console in your car is also a great place to keep it. 

And it's quiet too! All of our PouchBox lids are held in place with strong rare earth magnets and provide a rather satisfying thud when snapped shut. 

The Road Tripper is an excellent replacement for the same boring, plastic disk you've been lugging around and throwing away constantly. 

A note on engraving: We are happy to engrave anything on your PouchBox lid as long as it does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. Due to the limited space for engraving, fewer characters are generally better (think monograms). Simply add Get It Engraved to your order then, for best results, email us at with the details.

Size- 3"x3"x1"
Capacity- 30 pouches
Weight- 2 oz
Options- Walnut, Cherry, Maple
Option shown- Walnut
Made in New Orleans, LA

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